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Sea lilies are very big fossils of echinodermata such as sea urchins and starfish: these sea lilies are the most precious items in the museum. Also, models of huge dinosaurs in Mesozoic Era catch visitors¡¯ eyes.
Skeletons of huge dinosaurs in Mesozoic Era and Cretaceous Period help visitors understand. Blackhole is new system to experience the space: visitors can experience to fall into blackhole.
Various fossils of plants and animals found in various area of the world are displayed according to the periods to show the mysteries of life. Stalactite cave is made by dissolved limestone in the shape of icicles.
Fish from various world are stuffed and displayed systemically. Over 1200 kinds of sea shellfish are displayed here.
Widely-known birds and various kinds of insects are stuffed and displayed to help visitors understand rare and splendid world of dragonflies and insects.
Mysteries of human body, also known as little space, are easy to understand through various models. Many wild pants and trees are displayed to see the ecology system of environment in Korea.
Friendly animals and reptiles are anatomized and immersed to understand easily the inner parts and its functions.
Ceiling decorated with stars explains constellations in the sky. In here, data for mysteries of nature and principles of creation are shown in the form of scientific tales.